Sustainable Management

FMCN promotes the long-term use of natural resources to meet the needs of current and future generations. In alliance with our partners, we work to reduce forest fragmentation and degradation, promote sustainable agricultural practices and regenerative ranching, and improve watershed management and sustainable fisheries.


sustainably managed hectares


people adopting more sustainable practices


environmental public policy changes

Reconciling among sectors the best use of our sovereign spaces and safeguarding with intelligence and long-term vision those that must be preserved will allow our country to develop the economy and social welfare and ensure, in perpetuity, the provision of environmental services essential for life.


a. 130,000 people adopt better sustainability practices with the support of new technologies.

b. 39,000 working days per year are allocated to sustainable activities.

c. 550,000 hectares are under sustainable use.

d. 15.7 million hectares have land planning and management instrument.

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