FMCN's work is only as effective as its projects. That is why we ensure that objectives are reached, while always striving to improve through lessons learned.

Project Follow-up

Partners working with FMCN can consult relevant operations manuals here, as well as access our project monitoring system (SISEP).

FMCN uses a monitoring system that allows us to measure the impact of the initiatives we support.


Contiene la información de cómo FMCN identifica y prepara propuestas de proyectos para los cuales obtiene financiamiento.

Describe los procedimientos para el uso de los recursos financieros por FMCN y por sus proveedores, consultores y receptores de recursos. Entre estos últimos se distinguen las organizaciones que llevan a cabo sub-proyectos, así como las organizaciones que administran los Planes Operativos Anuales (POA).


If you collaborate with FMCN through a sub-project, consult the relevant manuals and access the SISEP site here.

FMCN, committed with its partners to facilitate project follow-up, has made changes to SISEP. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the technical and administrative staff at FMCN that works with your project.