Our mission:

Supporting our natural treasure

Who We Are

Created in 1994, we are a civil society organization that collaborates with different sectors to preserve the natural heritage of Mexico. Our motto, “To conserve is to build a future,” inspires us to work hand in hand with all sectors to ensure a sustainable future in which we can all continue to enjoy the natural capital that surrounds and sustains us.


Our ecosystems recover their health and continue to support our population in perpetuity.

FMCN is one of the most effective environmental funds in Latin America.

How We Operate

Forge Alliances

We connect different sectors and actors.

Lend Support

We finance sustainable development and conservation initiatives.

Learn and Repeat

We ensure the correct and efficient application of financial resources in every support granted.

Strategic Plan

 Plan estratégico FMCN

The Strategic Plan is the backbone of our organization. It guides each and every one of our actions and allows us to measure our progress toward our institutional mission. It addresses internal objectives as well as four external objectives: conservation, sustainability, environmental responsibility, and capacity building. The current Strategic Plan was conceived based on the CONABIO’s National Strategy for Biodiversity, which is aligned with the international objectives set by Mexico: the Aichi Biodiversity Targets and the Sustainable Development Goals; in addition to the document Biodiversity Conservation in Mexico, which contains proposals that civil society has identified to conserve our natural capital.

Annual Report