Calls for Grants and Applications

Open Calls

FMCN has strategic objectives for which we finance and supervise sub-projects implemented by civil society organizations that comply with certain criteria.

The calls are published periodically in this section. If you have an initiative seeking funds, you can find open opportunities here. Make sure your proposal and organization meet the call criteria and objectives.

The initiatives we finance are aligned with FMCN's strategic objectives.

There are no recent results at the moment.

RedLAC y CAFÉ | BRIDGE Project

BRIDGE Project aims to strengthen CTFs’ capacities by providing opportunities to exchange and learn from the experiences of other CTFs, tackling specific needs or demands, shortening the learning curve, and fostering operational excellence. One of the tools to achieve this goal is the Mentorship Program.

Deadline: 2023-12-31.

See criteria and how to apply: