River Restoration for Climate Change Adaptation


The project objective is to increase adaptive capacity in watersheds vulnerable to Climate Change, through river restoration and ecological connectivity.

The 3 Project Components

  1. Increase functional connectivity and improve adaptation to climate change in two watersheds. This Component will strengthen capacities in producers and land-owners along the Jamapa and Ameca-Mascota watersheds to conduct activities on their land that promote ecosystem-based adaptation through functional connectivity. 
  2. Align and catalyze public and private climate-smart investments to scale up river restoration for climate change adaptation. This Component will implement coordination activities to align public and private investments, including credits, to scale-up the best practices supported under Component 1.
  3. Support the National River Restoration Strategy (NRRS) with a climate focus. Under the leadership of INECC, this Component will support the design of the NRRS to strengthen the country's adaptation to climate change. 

RÍOS is the first proposal from Mexico presented to the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

Working Together

RÍOS will have the financial support of a grant from the Green Climate Fund (GCF), and complementary financing from other sources. The execution of the five-year project (2021-2025) will be in charge of the National Institute of Ecology and Climate Change (INECC) and the Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature (FMCN) with the support of two Regional Funds, Fondo Golfo de México in Veracruz, and Fondo Noroeste in Jalisco. This is the first proposal from Mexico presented to the GCF.

FMCN, as the first GCF Accredited National Agency in Mexico, developed the first concept note in November of 2019. The GCF approved the note and FMCN developed the complete proposal throughout 2020, in partnership with INECC and the two Regional Funds. The proposal received a No-Objection from the government of Mexico (through the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit, or SHCP) in October of 2020, and the project received approval from the GCF Committee in March of 2021. 

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Environmental and social assessment and management

RÍOS prepared an Environmental and Social Assessment (ESA) as part of the Simplified Approval Process (SAP) submitted to the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

RÍOS is considered by the GCF as Category C, or minimum to no risk. Therefore, the project will have a positive impact on ecosystems, biodiversity, and the beneficiaries' livelihoods.

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