Monte Mojino Fund

Securing the conservation of the rainforest in southern Sinaloa

The Project

The objective of the Monte Mojino Fund is to support local mechanisms for the payment of ecosystem services through concurrent funds from the National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR, acronym in Spanish) in the La Guásima Community, Concordia, Sinaloa, ensuring the conservation of the sub-deciduous and deciduous tropical forest located in Monte Mojino in southern Sinaloa.


The endowment fund for the region known as Monte Mojino was established in 2010 by the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT, acronym in Spanish) through the National Commission for Protected Areas (CONANP), the Fondo de Infraestructura Hidráulica de Sinaloa, and FMCN. In 2012, Conselva, Costas y Comunidades began implementing the project, seeking to maintain environmental services through training, conservation, and management actions agreed upon with the population of La Guásima.

The lines of work that guide the actions of the Monte Mojino Fund are:

  1. Operation of a compensation mechanism for local inhabitants.
  2. Improvement of soil retention and reduction of soil erosion.
  3. Improvement of the condition of ecosystems and "flagship" species.
  4. Operation of an effective monitoring program.

The endowment fund for the region known as Monte Mojino was established in 2010.


Over ten years, the Fondo Monte Mojino project has achieved the recovery and conservation of environmental services provided by the ecosystems in an area of 2,224 hectares, in addition to having promoted sustainable management in the total area of the agrarian nuclei, corresponding to 7,880 hectares, including continuous training on environmental services to the community members. At the same time, the project has channeled public funds through concurrent funds with Conafor for ten consecutive years and has reduced the number of environmental crimes. A survey conducted in 2021 showed that 100% of the people interviewed consider it essential to take care of their forests and perceive an increase in vegetation within the community's territory.

In 2022, Conselva, Costas y Comunidades continued to work hand in hand with the community of La Guásima to maintain the annual monitoring of soils, birds, fish, and microendemic plants, the community surveillance program, and payment for ecological services. In addition, the partners continued with the restoration of 2,224 hectares. In 2022, the agreement with Conafor on Payment for Ecological Services (PES) was formalized, highlighting the timely fulfillment of the commitments made by Conselva, Costas y Comunidades. The final report was delivered to the agency, and a perception study was conducted among the community's population, which made it possible to recognize the successes of the actions implemented, as well as the challenges and areas of opportunity in the long term, and to ensure continuity in the implementation of conservation actions by the community's inhabitants.

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Donor: Fondo de Infraestructura Hidráulica de Sinaloa


  • Conselva, Costas y Comunidades, A.C.
  • Comisión Nacional de Áreas Naturales Protegidas
  • Comisión Nacional Forestal