Forests and Watersheds

The Forests and Watersheds Conservation Program promotes and supports integrated land management to maintain and recover ecosystem health. We do this by way of capacity building, technical assistance, financing, and inter-institutional synergies.


People trained in EFCs


Protected watersheds


Sites sampled by the SNMB

Project Activities

The Program operates the following projects: 

Fire Management and Restoration Fund: Works to strengthen local organizations' capacities in managing forest fires and restoring affected areas.

Cities and Watersheds: Strives to protect and restore the watersheds that supply water to important cities across Mexico.

Forest Financing: Directed at improving the environmental, social and financial sustainability of community forest enterprises (EFC).

Forest and Biodiversity Monitoring: Implements methodologies and technologies that allow monitoring of the state of natural resources through the National System for Biodiversity Monitoring (SNMB). 

Monarch Fund: A financial model that supports the conservation of the forests in the core zones of the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve.