Cross-cutting Projects

Some of FMCN’s projects address ecosystems, regions, and challenges that exceed the scope of a single Program; We call these Cross-cutting Projects. They require diversified coordination, bringing together actors from multiple sectors to achieve the projects’ objectives.



Sustainably used hectares


People adopting more sustainably practices


Restored hectares or in-progress


The Conservation of Coastal Watersheds in the Context of Climate Change Project (C6) promotes the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, as well as the mitigation of climate change effects through the comprehensive management of 16 priority coastal watersheds located in the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf of California.

C6 collaborated with 30 civil society organizations, two regional funds, state and local authorities, and academic institutions in order to contribute to the integrated management of the selected coastal watersheds, essential for preserving biodiversity and reducing vulnerability in the face of climate change. The project surpassed its goals thanks to cooperation among sectors and was highlighted by both the GEF and the World Bank as a milestone of excellence. 

Drawing from the experience of the C6 project, we began designing a new initiative with INECC and the World Bank to connect the health of watersheds with sustainable livestock and agroforestry production: CONECTA. The initiative builds on our work in Jalisco and Veracruz and extends it to the states of Chiapas and Chihuahua.

The project objective is to promote the connectivity of livestock and agroforestry landscapes in selected basins. The 15 basins of the project cover 9,742,128 ha in the states of Veracruz, Jalisco, Chihuahua and Chiapas. CONECTA includes four components: Development and Promotion of Integrated Landscape Management; strengthening of business skills for sustainable rural production; conservation, restoration, and implementation of sustainable productive practices in cattle and agroforestry landscapes; and monitoring and project and knowledge management.

Independent evaluation of the C6 project

From March to May of 2019, a team of internacional consultants evaluated the impact and effectiveness of C6 in the field, considering environmental, financial and social aspects. The following document presents this evaluation and its conclusions.