Our 2022 Annual Report: A Year of Impact and Commitment to Conservation

The year 2022 represented a period of growth, resilience, and adaptation, demonstrating our global ability to move towards a promising future. In this context, we are proud to present our 2022 Annual Report, which compiles, analyzes, and highlights the most significant results of the past year.

It is a pleasure to share that during 2022, we made significant progress. We coordinate 22 projects and grant 181 essential donations to achieve our strategic objectives. We contributed to 4,091 people adopting better sustainable practices and 10,857 people participating in training processes.

The 2022 Annual Report highlights the valuable work of communities and allied organizations dedicated to protecting and conserving biodiversity and ecosystems in Mexico. In the voice of those who work in the territory, real experiences are narrated, and unique perspectives are presented that highlight the efforts to preserve the natural wealth of our country. Discover and share these stories in our 2022 Annual Report.