The GEF features C6 in its Good Practice Brief

Good Practice Brief: Integrated Coastal Watershed Conservation in Mexico

FMCN's C6 project (Conservación de Cuencas Costeras en el Contexto del Cambio Climático) has been selected as one of five examples of good practices.

The Good Practice Briefs were produced by the GEF Secretariat in collaboration with relevant GEF Agencies. Shared at the 57th Council meeting, this pilot series identifies good practice examples from the GEF project portfolio, in line with key GEF2020 strategic priorities and GEF-7 programming directions and policy recommendations.

This brief looks at a project which promotes integrated management of coastal watersheds to conserve biodiversity, contributes to climate change mitigation, and enhances sustainable land use in the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf of California, where impacts from climate change are significant and habitats of globally significant biodiversity are provided.

See report here.