A Celebration of our Diversity: SICC 2023

The month of September came to an end with the success of the eighth edition of the Conservation Knowledge Exchange Week (SICC) 2023, an event that took place in Mexico City from September 26 to 28 of this year in an in-person format that marked a memorable milestone for those attending.
Every two years, FMCN invites its partner organizations to share their experiences in addressing major environmental challenges, and on this occasion, the 8th SICC had as its central theme “Celebrating our diversity”*. For three days, we had the opportunity to meet again to celebrate our diversity: representatives of partner organizations, government entities, donors, and other key actors, we met with the intention of addressing the most pressing environmental challenges for Mexico. This edition of the SICC stood out for being a space for collaboration and exchange of innovative approaches and effective solutions to confront climate change, the loss of biodiversity, and the decrease in ecosystem services.
In activities held in panel formats, workshops, work meetings, and networking, the first day of the event was dedicated to exploring innovative instruments to finance and conserve nature with a national focus. The second day promoted the exchange of experiences between organizations that carried out fieldwork focused on topics such as regenerative livestock farming, sustainable agroforestry systems, river restoration, and fire management. Finally, the third day featured workshops and training on cross-cutting topics to enrich attendees with useful tools to address the environmental challenges facing our country.
In addition to the wealth of knowledge shared at SICC 2023, we also celebrated the 25 years of operation of the Protected Areas Fund (FANP)** with the presentation of the book "FANP: 25 Years, 25 Stories", written by the local actors who work tirelessly in the country's protected areas. The exciting project "Conservation and Sustainable Use of Mountains and Mountain Ranges (CoSMoS)" was also announced in collaboration with the National Commission of Protected Areas, the National Commission for the Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity, and KfW Development Bank. Likewise, we present the learning community of the CONECTA and RÍOS projects, with the notable participation of the National Institute of Ecology and Climate Change. In addition, SICC 2023 hosted the meeting of the Network of Environmental Funds of Mexico (RedFAM), promoting collaboration between regional funds that operate and supervise various projects supported by FMCN and consolidating the work of RedFAM.
SICC 2023 was an event that not only stood out for its relevance but also left a deep mark on our collective commitment to nature conservation. We are proud to have been part of this transformative experience and look forward to the challenges and achievements that await us on the path to a more sustainable and vibrant future.

Mexico City, October 5, 2023

* Enjoy the photographic memory of the SICC and relive the best moments at this link.
** Get excited with the videos "I am a park guard" and "FANP, 25 years preserving our love for nature", released within the framework of the 25 years of FANP.