Let's save the golden eagle


Today, there are only 137 breeding pairs of golden eagles in Mexico. You can help preserve the national symbol of Mexico and its habitat.

Join us, and together we can stop their extinction!

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There are around 137 breeding pairs of golden eagles left in Mexico. Illegal hunting, accidental poisoning, collision and electrocution with high-voltage power lines, poaching, and above all, the diminishing availability of food sources as a direct result of habitat loss have all threatened the species.

With your help, we can recover the Mexican golden eagle's habitat.

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The golden eagle can see a hare from a distance over 2 km. For a human, this would be like reading a newspaper from 100 m.

This incredible creature is at risk. You can help us with your donation!



Your help will make a difference for the golden eagle.

The main goals of this project strive to contribute to the recovery and conservation of wild populations of golden eagles and their habitat within their historical range in Mexico, as well as mitigate human impact on this species and its population.

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The golden eagle builds its nest in mountains and cliffs near grasslands.

This incredible creature is at risk. You can help us with your donation!



Food accessibility throughout the golden eagle's hunting grounds is the determining factor for the survival of baby eagles in nests as well as the survival of juveniles that remain close to the nesting area for at least one year.

With the help of our partners in the field, we are focusing our efforts on recovering and protecting the grasslands inhabited by the eagles and other species such as the Mexican prairie dog (Cynomys mexicanus) and the wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo intermedia).

Prey animals, apart from being a source of food for the golden eagle, have important roles in the ecosystem. For example, prairie dogs are beneficial to the habitat and other species because their burrows oxygenate the soil and filter rainwater.
In addition, we are installing water dispensers for wildlife and engaging in community monitoring activities to protect golden eagle nesting areas. With these actions, we are helping the eagles repopulate their historical areas of distribution.
Your donation will allow us to continue these activities.

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In 2016, FMCN won first place at the First National Exhibit of Scientific Images in Mexico (Primera Muestra Nacional de Imágenes Científicas México, MUNIC) with an informational video called “Embajador de la Naturaleza” (“Nature’s Ambassador”).

The goal of this video is to raise awareness about the endangered state of the Mexican golden eagle. For the first time in Mexico, through recordings from a camera placed over an eagle nest, it shows the daily life of an eagle family, including how the nest is cared for, the roles of the eagle parents in feeding and raising the eaglet, and the first flight of a juvenile eagle in its tenth week of life.





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