Fire & Fauna Frontiers

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Fire can be harmful or beneficial to ecosystems. Proper forest fire prevention and care can make a difference for many species and people.

There are many ways to help and prevent misuse of fire!

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The CitiBanamex Social Commitment and the Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature (FMCN) form an alliance that works for the prevention and care of forest fires. The project also seeks to conserve species such as the golden eagle, the black bear and the prairie dog, with the project "Protection of Species and Community Participation in Priority Areas of Biodiversity in Coahuila", in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment of the Government of the State of Coahuila, the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas and Profauna.

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Many species of plants have adapted to fire and depend on it to reproduce.

However, uncontrolled fire can cause many losses. You can help us; Please, donate today!



Since pre-Columbian times, the golden eagle has been a symbol of freedom and courage for Mexico. Currently, there are less than 150 breeding pairs of this great bird in the Mexican territory.
The eagle plays a fundamental role as a top predator. Maintaining the balance of other species such as rabbits, hares, and the prairie dog.
The species main threat is the loss of its habitat, which affects the nesting areas and decreases its availability of food.

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The eagle uses up to seven different hunting strategies.

Help preserve this incredible species.


American Black Bear

The American black bear mainly inhabits the mountainous areas of northern Mexico. The most important populations in Coahuila are near Serranías del Burro, Zapalinamé and Maderas del Carmen.
This species is in danger of extinction, threatened by the loss of its habitat that is affected by the expansion of agriculture, livestock, forest fires and indiscriminate hunting.
The expansion of human to the natural habitat of the black bear has also resulted in conflicts such as predation of cattle, damage to orchards and corn crops. Therefore, it is persecuted by the settlers who in some cases come to kill them.

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Mexican Prairie Dog

Guardians of the land

It is an exclusive rodent from central and northern Mexico. It inhabits semi-arid zones with meadows and grasslands.
The underground habits of the prairie dogs make it a key element for the operation of the grasslands. By digging their burrows, interconnected between tunnels, it transports quantities of soil outside, which helps to improve oxygenation and infiltration of water into the ground.
For a long time, the species was considered a pest for farmers and ranchers. Currently, it is in danger of extinction, threatened mainly by agricultural practices. But since 2016, damaging a prairie dog is considered an offense punishable by the Federal Penal Code.

You can be the change for the prairie dog!


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